Mobile Carriers


InVue’s innovative solutions are designed to provide exceptional security as well as the best possible customer experience to increase sales.


One Design, One Experience, One Key, OnePod


Optimal combination of design, experience and security


Wireless security, the ultimate customer experience


Perfect combination of security, experience and cost

Zips 2.0

Versatile alarming security with a complete set of sensors for any application

Zips Recoiler

Provides clean, modern display that makes the merchandise the hero and provides a better customer experience

Zips Power Multiport

Power and protect up to four electronic accessories with one device

CT300 Mobile POS

Complete tablet solution that provides a fully powered, instantly mobile, and secure experience for businesses

Secure Fixture

Designed to be easy to use and tough to defeat

Package Protection

Protection for high-value packaged merchandise

T1000 Dispenser

Protection for high-value hanging merchandise